Thursday, September 29, 2011

A masterful mash.

Shungo sent one of his quickly executed masterpieces, the colours are wonderful and are redolent of Autumn. The writing on the back is a belated birthday wish. The subject is an overripe bitter melon or gourd which has the brightly coloured seeds spilling out, having had another birthday I feel a bit squashed like the gourd but not so colourful!

From Hokkaido with love.

What a thrill to receive this 'unbearably' apropos card from Debbie in Hokkaido while I was in hospital!
It summed up the situation nicely. Thanks Debbie.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Floating away

The latest card is from Fumiko featuring her sweet darling dog Tororo.
On the back she has written in English "Please get along with Mom from Tororo"
Has Tororo been a naughty boy?

The funny thing is I have just done an etegami to send to my granddaughter featuring balloons in almost the same configuration, I was probably unconsciously thinking of it (having seen it on Facebook) when I did mine and lo  and behold I received her card the next day.
Thank you Fumiko.