Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two more cards!

Fumiko has responded to my card featuring her dog Tororo in a kimono and Shungo has sent a gorgeous card commemorating this years Cherry blossom display in Japan
Unfortunately Shungo's card was damaged in the mail and the corner has been torn off. I was really sad because it is a masterpiece in miniature, the trunk of the tree has such a bold calligraphic line. I have a card done by Shungo last year when the cherry blossoms were out, done in a similar style and equally as lovely so I will substitute that in the exhibition. Thank you Shungo.
Fumiko's card features the carp windsocks flown on children's day in Japan, it is so colourful and full of meaning. Fumiko says she cannot sketch but I think we can be sure that is just her modesty talking as this is very accomplished. Thank you Fumiko.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More hospital exhibition etegami...

A lovely new friend Charline whom I met through the Etegami Fun Club page on Facebook has sent an etegami celebrating Spring for the exhibition.
Not only that but that she has recruited three ladies from her etegami class to send cards also...Well done!
The first of those cards come from a lady named Hisao who Charline says is a very fun person and who is obviously an accomplished painter. (Charline has shared the secret that Hisao is a lady of 82 but is much younger than her years).
Thank you so much Hisao.. I think your calligraphy is beautiful.

Shizuko has sent two cards also, in a beautiful free style and singing with the colours of Spring.

Thank you very much Shizuko.

Shoko who is the sensei of the group has sent a lovely open faced pansy, she is obviously leading a happy group, how I wish I were there!
Thank you Shoko, I am in your debt!

Lastly here is Charline's card, the first one she painted outside of class, I am so honoured to receive her first 'solo' effort...thank you Charline and thank you for asking the other ladies to contribute.

Friday, April 13, 2012

More "hospital etegami".

The last card for today is from another new correspondent, Midori from the United Arab Emirates, I would like to send a card to Midori but I do not have her address, perhaps Shungo who is her friend can give it to me?

More hospital etegami

What a wonderful way to meet new etegamist, I think I shall have an exhibition of etegami more often!
Another friend of Shungo has sent a whole bunch of lovely Spring flowers. Thank you so much Sadako.

More "hospital etegami".

Maria from Iceland has sent three very interesting works, thank  you Maria.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More "hospital etegami".

Blogger is being silly today or maybe I exceeded my limit on photos but I have had to split up the post...so onward and upward!
A surprise card from Yun in France who talks to the flowers! Thank you Yun, lovely to get a card from you.

Fumiko and her trusty sidekick Tororo have sent me a whole bunch of cards one of which will strike a chord with the patients in the hospital, Tororo delivering flowers and good wishes to anyone feeling poorly.

Thank you Fumiko! (and Tororo)

Mayumi has sent two of her delicately coloured cards to celebrate Spring, Thank you Mayumi.

Hospital etegami exhibition entries.

My lovely friends, some old, some new have sent me etegamis to put in the display in the hospital which will be on the walls in early May with an official opening on the 17th May. The exhibition will be in a very busy corridor in the hospital alongside the coffee shop and near the main entrance so many people will see it and I hope stop to look and read about etegami.
The  theme of Spring has given me some lovely cards and I will also include some that I already have.

This is a large scale work from Masuko who is a friend of Shungo's. Thank you Masuko.

These two are also large works from Shungo, unfortunately my scanner is too small and the edges are cut off so forgive me for that Shungo and Masuko.
Two postcards from Shungo, thank you Shungo!

Two cards from Debbie, one a double sized one of lovely cherry blossoms (still a little while away in Hokkaido!) Thank you Debbie.
Lisa has sent this pair of fuzzy ducklings to to remind us that Spring is a time of renewal and life, thank you Lisa.