Thursday, August 30, 2012

A pumpkin in peril.

Shungo's stamp of a pumpkin is obviously heading into a storm in this card. The bravura slashes of ink and spatter are typical of Shungo who continues to push the boundaries of etegami. Nice one Shungo!

Chasing rainbows.

Fumiko's little dog Tororo who is so dear to her has obviously provoked the sending of this card to Buster his Facebook friend.
I know what it is like, forever chasing rainbows, maybe the payoff is not there but the fun is in the chase!
Thank you Fumiko (and Tororo).

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Can you guess it?

Liz, a recent convert to etegami posed the question "Can you guess what this is?" when she posted one of these cards on the Etegami Fun Club Facebook page.
My response was "a night blooming cactus flower", not too far from the truth as it happens as they are the result of peering deeply into a Morning Glory flower, I was only several hours out! The most imaginative answer was "A supernova!"
Thanks Liz.

A Sunflower from Mayumi.

In my mailbox today a lovely freely drawn sunflower from Mayumi who is a most prolific painter, every day there is something to see on her blog at check it out!
Thank you Mayumi.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Bong, Bong, at the third stroke...

Does the BBC still announce the hours like that or is that some memory  from my days scrunched up in a theatre seat watching heroic performances by the likes of Kenneth Moore and James Mason (Google them you littlies) as they saved home and Empire with their feats of derring do?
In any case the sound of Big Ben (that's the actual clock folks and not the tower) reverberated in my head when I got this etegami from Dan in England who is no doubt still resonating to the bong (no not that kind of bong!) of Big Ben and the fact that the Poms outdid the Aussies at the Olympics.......we are patient.
Thank you Dan!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Three cards from Tatuaki

Lucky me! Three cards at once from Tatuaki, the first a beautiful peach made using the technique of spattering colour on the card and then inking in the outline in sumi ink. A lovely and wonderfully coloured card.

The second card is a drawing of a bag, done I think in response to the EveryDayMatters challenge currently being undertaken by member of the Etegami Fun Club on Facebook.
The third card is delightfully expressive writing which makes  me lament the difficulty of using our alphabet to decorate a card, nothing seems to match the pictorial quality of Asian characters and their fluidity.
Thank you Tatuaki.

The journey of the lonely man.

Shungo has made a variation on his stamped card splashing colour across the card to show the way for his lonely tramping figure, very atmospheric and redolent of old Japan. Thank you Shungo.

An etegami from France..Ooh La La!

This card arrived in a plain white envelope LOL, but I am sure the postman would have enjoyed it as much as I did Yun, I wonder if it is a self portrait? Thank you Yun.

What a treat!

I would love to eat the fruits on Diane's card but I will just have to be content to feast my eyes. Sorry I am so late in posting Diane but a huge thanks and yes, it is a lovely community we have joined, this Etegami Fun Club!

A late posting.

Mayumi celebrates summer with this delightful drawing of a geta or Japanese thong shoe. Interestingly there are little pieces of origami paper appliqued to the thong, a very effective technique, thanks Mayumi.

I have been remiss.

The last couple of weeks have been a little busy for me and I have been remiss in not posting the etegami I have received in that time, my apologies to everyone who sent me cards, the first of which came from Liz. Her card is an ode to the morning and it certainly gave me a happy start to the day when I received it, thanks Liz.