Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thank you Peggy.

"If wishes were flowers, your arms would be full" is the lovely sentiment written on the back of this card from Peggy who hails from the east coast of the USA, quite near to a place I where I lived for a year in the 1970's. It adds another layer of interest to the connection with people when you can visualize their surroundings and lifestyle and bring back your own memories of the place. It is astounding also that we are connected by a hitherto unknown (to us) Japanese art form, as Peggy says on her card, "how wonderful is the world!"

Saturday, May 19, 2012


I have finally been able to take some very bad photos of the etegami in situ. The corridor where they are displayed is quite dim and the wall is curved but the main problem was even though I used a tripod for most I am still causing camera shake. The etegami are framed under glass hence the odd angles I have photographed them at. However, for better or worse, here they are and a BIG thank you again to all who sent cards specifically for the exhibition and for those I have used from previous mailings.
The exhibition was hung in two parts, versions of my etegami and 'Etegami from the World', that is, your contributions.
Once again, apologies for the bad photos.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Arigato Patricia.

Something to delight my irises is an iris (messenger of the gods in Greek mythology) from Patricia a relative newcomer to the Etegami Fun Club but a most enthusiastic participant.
Patricia used watercolour paper and still managed to get a 'nijimi effect'.
The card is a result of a visit to an iris farm and a worthy memorial.
Thank you Patricia.

Sadako shines!

A very lovely and unexpected card and gift from Shungo's friend Sadako who sent me a card for the hospital exhibition. It is a ravishing double width card in glorious colours, truly the work of an artist.

Along with the card came a lovely bookmark and kite decoration, thank you so much Sadako.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Two new etegami friends and another card from Mayumi!

Mayumi, my friend in Japan has sent me a delightful and whimsical card celebrating Children's day in Japan, a day when primarily boys are celebrated, the corresponding day for girls is Girl's day when dolls representing the Emperor and Empress are set up with their retainers on a stepped altar in homes. The carp windsock is associated with Children's day. Thank you Mayumi.

Delighted to have among my new correspondents Dan from the UK  (or more specifically Shropshire) who has sent me this humorous card featuring hedgehogs  posing as Aussie echidnas. The card was prompted by an exchange we had on the Facebook page Etegami Fun Club. The page was started by DosankoDebbie and is now gaining more members every week. It is open to all folk at whatever level of expertise they may possess. The great beauty of etegami is that non artists may enjoy the fun of making etegami, posting it off to a friend and posting it on the internet. Thanks Dan, welcome to the Etegami Inbox!

Patricia from California is celebrating spring with her tulip card, she is a recent and enthusiastic recruit on the Facebook page and I am thrilled to receive a card from her. Too late unfortunately to be included in the Spring etegami call for the exhibition at the hospital but maybe next time. Thank you Patricia and welcome to the Etegami Inbox!