Friday, April 19, 2013

A new friend

Lovely cards from a new friend in Japan, Masami who celebrated his birthday last week.
The first is to mark Girl's Day and the second is to celebrate life! Not only two delightful cards but a beautiful Koinobori decorated envelope as well.

Thank you Masami.

A card from corrugated card.

Valerie from France has taken the idea of using corrugated cardboard, cutting away the surface and painting it and turned it into fine art! She has posted a series of enchanting bird themed etegami on Facebook.
Thank you Valerie for this lovely blossom branch.

Hey Mr Camellia Man...

Thank you Shungo for the cards featuring your favourite flower. The Kokeshi looks especially Spring-like.

Thank you Shungo.

Friday, April 5, 2013

A spectac-ular observation!

Thanks Carolyn for this very appropos etagami. Every one of us of a certain age can relate to it!
Her second offering is so evocative of the cheeky magpies who steal our dog's food every day, I love to hear their 'quardle oodle' every day.
Thanks Carolyn, both of these made me happy.

Thank you Alison.

A sandpiper flying low over water from Alison which was
painted in response to Debbie's call for bird etegami.Sorry I can't translate the words but the colours are great, I can almost hear the piping cry of the sandpiper.
Thank you Alison.