Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Letters to a fan...

A lovely fan shaped etegami to celebrate the Japanese festival of Tanabata from Debbie. The card features the milky way and she has thankfully translated the Japanese as "I want to be the wind with you". (learn about the festival here
A second delightful surprise, Debbie has sent her two part recipe card which she submitted to "They Draw and Cook" and subsequently had published in their cookbook. I am humble!
Thank you Debbie.

Roses in the winter.

A card in Yoshiko's signature delicate style arrived today. Her lovely roses stimulate the senses and bring a welcome hint of summer in our winter. Thank you so much Yoshiko.

Punny duck.

Last week one of Alison's punning blue ducks flew into my mailbox, I am as fond of a pun as I am of blue ducks so thank you Alison from DC!