Monday, March 25, 2013

The bug has bit!

Nice to see that Carolyn from not so far away in Victoria has got the etegami bug well and truly, in fact she may well be running a temperature these are so hot!
Carolyn I an doing a rain dance for you whenever I think of it. Thank you for this lovely set of etegami from the heart.

Psychedelic Baby!

A riot of carnival colour in this copy of one of Fumiop's cut paper creations, thank you Fumiko.

It must be Karma.

No, not the eponymous parrot  much loved by Carol in California but the feeling of receiving mail from far off and exotic places....well maybe not exotic but I love California anyway! Thank you Carol for this lovely mauve sakura blossom.

Sakura madness,

Yes, it's that time in the northern hemisphere when cherry blossoms send people a little crazy, I am not sure if there are any cherry blossoms in Hawaii but this card from Shay is beautiful nonetheless.
Thank you Shay.

Thank you Mayumi.

Two lovely cards painted on both sides and a third of a lotus pod, something I have been using in my craft at the moment.
                               Verso of the camellia card.
Thank you Mayumi.

"I'm late, I'm late for a very important date...

My complaint doesn't mean much to a malfunctioning scanner but a bit of jiggling got me going again!
So, among today's postings is this lovely wise tulip from Linda in Missouri, thank you Linda.

Friday, March 8, 2013

If I stand on my head..

I can see spring from here, unfortunately winter comes in between. Not so in the North where daffodils are trumpeting the advent of that season. This lovely delicate daff from the Arbrary comes courtesy of Rachel who lives in that state of bliss, California Thank you Rachel.
Unfortunately the post office had a bite out of the card.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A big bag of goodies!

Katarzia from Poland has sent copies of etegami she made to distract herself while she was in hospital recently plus an original and a couple of boxes of decorated matches. As someone who has spent a lot of time "hors de combat" I can appreciate the motivation behind her work. Thank you Katarzia and I am glad you are well again.

Words to live by.

A lovely valentine from Corinne in France quoting Vaucaire, words which should guide us all. Lovely, thank you Corinne.
"The best gifts are those that are given".

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Well singe my whiskers!

A very funny card from Debbie in Hokkaido, she was moved  to paint this after seeing a Hobbit parody, actually having sat through all 100 hours of the movie (Oh it wasn't that long?) and suffering a numb bum, I needed a cheering up! Thanks Debbie.


Or something silly. Nothing silly about this excellent woodblock printed card from Shungo. Spring has hit the southern reaches of Japan so I guess flowers will be bustin' out all over. Thanks Shungo.

Toasted tootsies.

A humorous card from Lisa in Perth, they are still enjoying (?) 40 degree weather over there so I guess there are a few toasted tootsies to model for her! Thanks Lisa.