Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wise owls.

Friendly owls from Tatuaki symbolize the friendship we in the Etegami Fun Club extend to each other, a kindly friendship, an appreciative friendship and a creative friendship but mostly a wise friendship, we meet on the internet and help each other through the day... a precious gift!
Thank you Tatuaki.

The child within...

It is lovely to meet a kindred spirit, one who appreciates the sometimes quirky things that you like. Things that others may overlook, bird's nests, old toys, rusty iron...Carolyn is one such person and she would know how I love this card!
Thank you Carolyn.

An iris for my eye.

A lovely early summer flower from the talented Yoshiko.
Thank you Yoshiko.

Friday, May 10, 2013

A cut above!

Yet another amazing cut paper card from Fumiko, thank you so much Fumiko.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

And I thought...

that storks only brought babies but Ina assures me that if they live on your roof they will bring harmony to your house, at least Lithuanian storks do! Thanks Ina, my newest correspondent.

And summer, and winter and...

Supermarkets are full of produce from the whole wide world but only on a card from Debbie do the words fit the situation so well, happy spring in Hokkaido Debbie, even though it is a little late in coming this year. Thanks.

And smell the roses!

I love the admonition from Linda to "pick more daisies" but I love her cat print even more! Thanks Linda.


 of the cockatiel besotted, ukelele playing tribe has sent a plea from a bee, but beeing busy is a GOOD thing, thanks Carol.

In the face...

of a hard and sometimes nasty world comes this shout out...thanks Dan.