Friday, December 9, 2011

A whole lot of goodness,gracious me!

Yes I am happy when a trip to the mailbox yields such happy results.
First cab off the rank is this delightful, very typical Shungo effort. A painting of a persimmon, my very favourite fruit in the universe!

Another delightful surprise was this sweet painting of berries and it's accompanying envelope from a new correspondent Corinne from La Belle France.

They look like a kind of acorn but Google translate is not much help, she doesn't know what an aubepine is.
 A lovely Christmas card from Fumiko using cut paper techniques and showing a shimmery snowy night sky using gold and silver paint.

Slowly bringing up the rear is one of Debbie's creatures, a very wise old snail trailing across some interesting textured washi, I can always rely on her for a droll creature but the words are inspiring, let us hope we can all follow this excellent example in the new year.

Thank you so much Shungo,Corinne,Fumiko and Debbie.

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  1. Lovely collection! My fav is your gorgeous persimmon, how warm and lovely. Wishing you a beautiful holiday season, my friend!