Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nengajou for the kangaroo!

What a joy to be able to exchange new year's greetings with new friends made through the magic of etegami.
This delightful offering comes from my most enthusiastic correspondents Fumiko and Tororo,it features a suitably fierce beast to herald in the year of the dragon, Thank you Fumiko.

A fish of a different colour comes from Krisztina my intense Hungarian friend, intent on the study of runes she has made room in her life for etegami, for which I am grateful. I shall indeed eat lots of fish and be richer (in spirit) this year, the fates will take care of the rest, thank you Krisz.

Mayumi has sent me a delightful daruma who wishes me happiness and good health, Mayumi's work is such that I long to read Japanese, an impossible wish I fear however Debbie the sensei of the group is always happy to oblige with translations to help one avoid  making a complete fool of oneself when trying through Google translate to figure out the message. Thank you Mayumi. PS. Mayumi says the words say "Not afraid to fall. Wake up so good!!!"

This beautiful flower is to wish me a year of peace and healing. In her new year's greetings Debbie has been very mindful of the tragedy that struck Japan in March and the suffering that continues for the people in the affected areas so there are no overt cheery wishes just a quiet hope for a better future. The image of course is gorgeous. Thank you Debbie.

May the new year be healthy and peaceful for all readers of this blog.


  1. These are beautiful! Happy New Year!

    My new year resolution is to exchange more etegami so if you'd like a new pen pal please email me at vanityfair00 @

  2. Best wishes for 2012 Carole, keep healthy and happy!
    My email is and I'm not copying Jen's idea (LOL).