Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I have found the missing etegami, some of them I am ashamed to say are well overdue for acknowledgement.
I will bundle them in this one post so inboxes will not be awash with my posts.
The first is from Masami, a cute Ronald MacDonald type figure  a long with a beautifully decorated envelope as well as a chopstick case, riches indeed!
Thank you Masami
Next a clump of woodland loveliness on a chatty card from Kasia.
Thank you Kasia.
Carol  from California remarked that we share a birthday month with a yin yang sign...all good!
Thank you Carol.
And a jolly red telephone box, a memento of her trip to the "old Dart" from Jennifer. I do hope they keep them as they are so iconic along with the red double decker buses but as Jennifer says they are fast becoming redundant in this age of universal cell phone usage.
Thank you Jennifer.

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