Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mea culpa.

Yep, maxima culpa! I have received a number of etegami from my dear correspondents over the last month or so and I haven't acknowledged them. Sooo, for the sake of  brevity I shall bundle them all in one post and hope they forgive me.
First from Carolyn in Melbourne, one given when she visited me (accompanied by the pin illustrated, Oh frabjous day!) and another sent.

Thank you Carolyn.
The next a picture of fresh leeks from Lisa in Perth done in traditional etegami style and intent, a response to something we see but do not often appreciate the beauty of.
Thank you Lisa. Hope it cools off for Chrissie.

Fumiko has sent Christmas and New Year greeting cards. The zebra, "a horse of a different colour" celebrates the year of the horse in 2014.

Thank you Fumiko.
Charline has used one of Shungo's handmade cards to paint this one. Is the pear a Riviera variety Charline? In any case a nice classic style of etegami.
Thank you Charline and a Happy holiday season to you!
Tatuaki's Santa looks a little sad but Tatuaki's sure hand with a brush perfectly illustrates traditional etegami and the sentiment on the card is for peace for the world.

Thank you Tatuaki, happy holidays to you and your family.
Yoshiko, one of the true artistic talents in our group on the Etegami Fun Club page on Facebook has sent two cards, a little worse for the mailing but charming nonetheless. A Christmas card and in the spirit of "A Game of Thrones", "Winter is coming!". It is 32 celcius here today and very humid so that is a cheery thought!

Thank you Yoshiko, Happy holidays!
Despite the probably hundreds of cards she sends out each year Debbie, our mentor, has not forgotten me with her imaginative card.
Thank you Debbie blessed was the day I stumbled over your blog, the gift that keeps on giving.

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