Wednesday, February 26, 2014


My doppelganger in California (give or take a few years and IQ points, mine that is)  is getting mighty excited about the teeny tiny baby figs growing on her tree, hence the card.
I must confess that I was nonplussed for a moment as I saw the card at an angle and it had the distinct look of an alien creature, but then I reasoned given that approximately 99% of folk from the USA claim to have seen aliens (never mind the PROBES!!!) Carol (no-e) too had had a visitation.
Relax folks, it all came right when the card was oriented correctly. Carol (no-e) is fortunate to have a partner named Felix who manages all things culinary in her house  (overseen by a mighty inquisitive bird) who will turn those little suckers into jam when the time is ripe. He's one cool cat that Felix, does he do house calls?
Carol (no-e) has heard via the  internet-vine that I like reading the Samurai detective stories, yes Carol(no-e) I am a fan, it is not a mischief spread by that other bibliophile Rachel!
I love this Fig creature! The figs on my small potted specimen are a little farther along than these but just as wanted, sadly not enough for jam
He did suffer a little damage in the post but I suppose we should be thankful that there IS still a postal service, rumours of the demise of the letter delivery are circulating.
Thank you Carol!

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