Thursday, July 28, 2011

The artichoke has landed.

Shungo and I have a bit of a 'thing' going on with artichokes...he showed me his and I sent him one in reply.
Here is his fantastic dynamic drawing of an artichoke flower, sadly past it's eating prime but very decorative nonetheless.

Also another Double Delight from DosankoDebbie, what did I do to deserve such goodness?
The droll mosquito etegami reminds me that although we are mosquito-less at the moment, it is not only good things that happen in summer but I still love it.

I particularly like the little spot of blood where she has penetrated the skin......ouch!

This card of a whale breaching illustrates a poem by John Masefield and is eerily apropos at the moment as we are able to see the Southern Right whales making their way up the coast to their birthing grounds in the warmer northern waters. Are you prescient Debbie?
Now a whale may conjure up a different thought to a Japanese person...but we won't go there!


  1. Love your pieces. Also the koala (not bear).

  2. Dear Carole,
    The Japanese writing surprises me! All the etegami are so beautiful!!!