Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Two cards from Fumiko!

I was happy to receive this card from Fumiko yesterday, I think what it says is "What is the red color? It is the color of your kindness". What a lovely message.

It is done in her signature papercut style, and today I opened my mailbox to find this card


and its delightful accompanying envelope with a swirl of watercolour and stamped goldfish. (I wonder if she knew that my other hobby is keeping goldfish?  I have two large ponds with about 200 fish.)
The second card is painted on handmade paper (made by Fumiko) and brings me happy memories of the flowers in my grandmother's garden. Batchelor's Buttons were one of the things she grew every year. The words mean "It doesn't matter if it is small, having one is important. DREAM!!

Thank you to my Daughter in law Tomomi for the translation (via email)

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