Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oh what a lovely bunch....

Of etegami!
I have been lax of late about posting the etagami I have received. I have them displayed in my home and I'm enjoying them a lot, now it is time to share the love!
Corinne has sent this harbinger of spring, a lovely delicate daffodil, Merci beaucoup Corinne.
I love the words on Lisa's card, a sentiment we all have when we see a whale I am sure, her free style is so appropriate to etegami and captures the spirit of it so well, Thanks Lisa.

Fumiko has sent this little work which folds into a  handmade origami book. She says it serves as a kind of business card describing her work in etegami and kiri-e (cut paper work) at which she excels. I notice that her little friend Tororo has insinuated himself into the card, reflecting the importance he has in her life. Arigato Fumiko chan!

The latest card from Mayumi is one of her delightful series of dolls, all done to mark Girl's Day in Japan. Dolls are set up on an altar like arrangement and are said to bring prosperity and good luck. Presided over by the Emperor and Empress they make a beautiful display. Perhaps this is the royal couple. Arigato Mayumi chan.


  1. Hi Carole,

    I saw your comment on Debbie's blog and thought I would pop over. Boy, am I ever glad I did! This is so wonderful seeing all this creative talent in the form of etegami. Some day I must try my hand at this. Maybe I will have to get the kit Debbie just posted about. I write haiku poetry with abandon, but have yet to attempt etegami.

    Happy Easter, Margie

  2. Thanks for visiting Margie, love your photos and haiku.