Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hospital etegami exhibition entries.

My lovely friends, some old, some new have sent me etegamis to put in the display in the hospital which will be on the walls in early May with an official opening on the 17th May. The exhibition will be in a very busy corridor in the hospital alongside the coffee shop and near the main entrance so many people will see it and I hope stop to look and read about etegami.
The  theme of Spring has given me some lovely cards and I will also include some that I already have.

This is a large scale work from Masuko who is a friend of Shungo's. Thank you Masuko.

These two are also large works from Shungo, unfortunately my scanner is too small and the edges are cut off so forgive me for that Shungo and Masuko.
Two postcards from Shungo, thank you Shungo!

Two cards from Debbie, one a double sized one of lovely cherry blossoms (still a little while away in Hokkaido!) Thank you Debbie.
Lisa has sent this pair of fuzzy ducklings to to remind us that Spring is a time of renewal and life, thank you Lisa.

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