Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More hospital exhibition etegami...

A lovely new friend Charline whom I met through the Etegami Fun Club page on Facebook has sent an etegami celebrating Spring for the exhibition.
Not only that but that she has recruited three ladies from her etegami class to send cards also...Well done!
The first of those cards come from a lady named Hisao who Charline says is a very fun person and who is obviously an accomplished painter. (Charline has shared the secret that Hisao is a lady of 82 but is much younger than her years).
Thank you so much Hisao.. I think your calligraphy is beautiful.

Shizuko has sent two cards also, in a beautiful free style and singing with the colours of Spring.

Thank you very much Shizuko.

Shoko who is the sensei of the group has sent a lovely open faced pansy, she is obviously leading a happy group, how I wish I were there!
Thank you Shoko, I am in your debt!

Lastly here is Charline's card, the first one she painted outside of class, I am so honoured to receive her first 'solo' effort...thank you Charline and thank you for asking the other ladies to contribute.


  1. Aw man, this inspires me to go for it! My kit should be here shortly. Just lovely. Margie

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  3. Replies
    1. Corinne, I will put one of your etegami in the hospital exhibition.

  4. :) I'm glad you received them! Thank you for posting!!!