Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two more cards!

Fumiko has responded to my card featuring her dog Tororo in a kimono and Shungo has sent a gorgeous card commemorating this years Cherry blossom display in Japan
Unfortunately Shungo's card was damaged in the mail and the corner has been torn off. I was really sad because it is a masterpiece in miniature, the trunk of the tree has such a bold calligraphic line. I have a card done by Shungo last year when the cherry blossoms were out, done in a similar style and equally as lovely so I will substitute that in the exhibition. Thank you Shungo.
Fumiko's card features the carp windsocks flown on children's day in Japan, it is so colourful and full of meaning. Fumiko says she cannot sketch but I think we can be sure that is just her modesty talking as this is very accomplished. Thank you Fumiko.


  1. Hi carole
    It is not the damaged card?
    From now on I will send in an envelope

    1. Yes Shungo, maybe the wild kangaroos ate it! :P